today is now

Good Morning!

in a matter of hours I’m heading to KL, then Kuantan for the weekend! Homygoshhh! I’m excited, I’m mad excited! Almost everything is packed.

Til Sunday!




i sing M2M songs when i’m this happy :)

tomorrow is the 26th.

we’re going back to Kuantan, Smeethan Babyy and myself. We’re going to visit the Sg Lembing beach to catch the sunrise. And a walk in the mine. I’ll finally get to meet Sparky and bring him back here.

oh I’m so excited (:

One last hurdle, it being the Public Toilet paper, and I’m as good as there. Right now everything seems to be falling into place. Plans, emotions, the future.

it’s a good state to be in.

one i have never experienced before, in this absolute balance. I am whole. He keeps me whole.

and for that I am thankful.


Crystal is happy.


a dose of cheese.

Dear Babyy,

I miss you tonight. As you sleep soundly ( okay maybe not, since Shawn coughs his lungs out so loudly. and blasts his music as he sings along. wtf my note become unromantic now puiiii) … please know that I am thinking of you. I can’t post things on your wall anymore because I simply decided not to.

so I’m writing it here.

I miss you.

Everyday that I am here, I do. Til we meet again, love.




1144pm, March 23rd 2010.

i’m moving, farthermarkers!

ignore the title. that is my failed attempt to sound urban-ghetto-stylish-chiggychiggywutwut.


I’m leaving Regal Park after two years of tenancy. Initially I’d signed the renewal agreement and planned to stay put until graduation, spending my final year in this lovely ( but freaking hot) pink room of mine. The door is pink. Can you believe my luck (:

Slight problem, unfortch.

The parking lot that my room faces will be turned into a construction site building EP’s new block. So you can imagine the amount of noise that’s going to cause. Piling, drilling, the cement mixer, blocks of concrete, the heavy duty machinery.. and the dust. So i took a brave step and decided to leave. And move into a housing area. Since Jas was looking for a house as well, we decided to stick with each other.

went around, found a decent but kepohnakmampos landlady and she showed us a house. it’s very near to leon’s and the field i always jog around. Smeech joined us, making it a nice fullhouse of three promising lawyers. chewah die die must raise basket.


so yeah, we’ll view the house probably next week, chose our rooms and pay the down-payment. i plan on bringing back Boo here to guard the house. Oh! and pasang air cond for Sparky too 🙂

I can’t wait to get everything planned out. This time I’m really going to paint my walls and Babyy agreed to help me with it. And then there’s the furniture shopping and arrangements! and then there’s Sparky’s bed to make.. Ahhh siokness! We can also cook in the new house according to the landlady. She provides us with a stove =D

*jumps with glee.

Do I hear a house warming party?

hehehehe we’ll see.


feel free to drop house warming gifts wtf so ahead of myself

running. running. as fast as we can..?

Chuck says:

i need you to be determined enough to run 5 laps on this field outside without stopping this week.. walk for half round.. sprint your heart out for half round.. walk another half.. sprint another half

make a total of 8

then next week.. increase to 6 laps

and then 7 the following week

and then 8..

lets not talk long runs first this month and next month

end of next month.. we’ll start hill runs..


this, would be life for me for the coming 96 days. we’re serious, we’re determined, we’re sticking by a hard discipline to cross that finish line. wait. chuck is, I’m aiming to at least complete 10.5kms, which is half the length of the full marathon. can’t be counting on miracles to happen now can we?

vigorous training regime set by chucky needs a lot of commitment. I’m putting my heart into this one; i declined the singapore run with him last year, and the nike run. simply because i felt that i wasnt good enough. i still don’t think i have what it takes but this time around, I’m opting for the positive Glee-laden perspective.

Don’t . Stop. Believing.

I can’t eat like how i used to, simply because I want to become health conscious. It’s beneficial for the long run. I’d feel better, look better (lets all pray hurhurhurhur) and probably be able to kick serious ass!


insert lan si MSN emoticon here.


I’ve just nailed my Public Toilet International Law assignment. I finally know what Tamil Tigers are ( when i was little, stress: very little, way before the existence of Biskuat Tiger Susu), I actually thought they were crackers. Then I realized whenever the papers mentioned them, it was always in the “boring section” of The Star i.e the part only mummydaddy reads.

..needless to say i wasnt a very smart very little kid.

Now I can recite the wars of both countries like a CNN reporter. Oh how this statement makes me sound all the more bimbotic. And the crowd ooohs.


My sheetless bed is calling me. Not before highlighting answers to tomorrow’s tutorial. Dang, she is so going to target me =___________=” Aih. Salright. I think I’ve mastered the art of going “harhhhh…….?” pretty swell.


I’m such a grandmaster of wee-hour blogging. Nothing makes sense.

as it should be.


yes no pictures. because I’m boring like that. next update: I’m moving out, farthermarkers!


i was watching a highschool friend’s video of her performance of Beyonce’s Single Ladies. she was amazingly good; her voice has matured and now she’s more than a mere singer, she’s also a performer! and to think that about six years ago, i used to torture this girl. like literally torture her.

glue-on-seat, ostracized her kind of torture.

I’m not going to go down the road of taking pity over my own life right now; it’s not Beyoncpectacular, but hey I’m not chewing my hair and counting cracks on my walls.


Still! there is always a still. it’s the new But!

she really grew out of her shell and became this social butterfly I never saw in her. I’m happy for her ( eventually at the end of Form 5 we made up and I no longer threw away her correction tape just because it was green) ( she kept buying a new green one so she had that coming *ahem) success. she’s always been nice to me throughout the schooling years.

regardless of how mean i was to her.

you wanna know how mean i was to her? well here is a secret. there was once, this college guy fell for her and my best friend M was pretty mad about that because she had just rejected his advances. and from M to this girl, it was a great fall in terms of choice. M was bitter, I was the best friend so I did what felt right and fun at that time. I told M, vowed to M, in a very Mean Girls manner,

that I would break Victim girl with the College Guy.

and I succeeded. I gained her trust and made her tell me all her secrets and the status of the courtship. I made a few stuff up, made a few coincidences happen, and voila. He dumped her and wagged his tail back to M.

mission accomplished.

This girl never found out. She was still nice to me after that, a reason why I began to actually look at her as a human being and stopped being cruel to her. Imagine 5 girls walking in a flying V position and one miserable looking one ( miserable because her pinafore probably had intentional ink and dried glue stains all over it. courtesy of us mean bitches) trailing behind. and when she caught up with us?

we’d stop walking, stare and her and say “what? walk ahead lah, you waiting for Mars to fall on your head?”

we existed. and we terrorized her. just because we were the popular kids.

here is the part where it stings a bit. i actually tried to keep in touch with her after highschool. told you i made my peace with my inner demon and i kinda genuinely missed her. sadly (though unsurprisingly) she was always busy with life and seemed to avoid reunions. who could blame her? leaving highschool was probably the best thing that happened to her.

today she’s doing so great. again, I’m happy for her.

who i was, i will never be once again. yet those days are what made me who i am today. no regrets 🙂






yes la crys was a megahorrific highschool meanie bitch.

don’t give shocked face all.



he makes everything okay


… just when i need you the most.