a dose of cheese.

Dear Babyy,

I miss you tonight. As you sleep soundly ( okay maybe not, since Shawn coughs his lungs out so loudly. and blasts his music as he sings along. wtf my note become unromantic now puiiii) … please know that I am thinking of you. I can’t post things on your wall anymore because I simply decided not to.

so I’m writing it here.

I miss you.

Everyday that I am here, I do. Til we meet again, love.




1144pm, March 23rd 2010.


4 responses to “a dose of cheese.

  1. i miss you too babbbbyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

    😛 stewie?? ceh

  2. haritu datang melaka time MDO korang dah balik kl. 😦 jumpa aziyan n ina je. huhu.

    takpe, masuk allowance nanti datang heh!! hehe

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