i’m moving, farthermarkers!

ignore the title. that is my failed attempt to sound urban-ghetto-stylish-chiggychiggywutwut.


I’m leaving Regal Park after two years of tenancy. Initially I’d signed the renewal agreement and planned to stay put until graduation, spending my final year in this lovely ( but freaking hot) pink room of mine. The door is pink. Can you believe my luck (:

Slight problem, unfortch.

The parking lot that my room faces will be turned into a construction site building EP’s new block. So you can imagine the amount of noise that’s going to cause. Piling, drilling, the cement mixer, blocks of concrete, the heavy duty machinery.. and the dust. So i took a brave step and decided to leave. And move into a housing area. Since Jas was looking for a house as well, we decided to stick with each other.

went around, found a decent but kepohnakmampos landlady and she showed us a house. it’s very near to leon’s and the field i always jog around. Smeech joined us, making it a nice fullhouse of three promising lawyers. chewah die die must raise basket.


so yeah, we’ll view the house probably next week, chose our rooms and pay the down-payment. i plan on bringing back Boo here to guard the house. Oh! and pasang air cond for Sparky too 🙂

I can’t wait to get everything planned out. This time I’m really going to paint my walls and Babyy agreed to help me with it. And then there’s the furniture shopping and arrangements! and then there’s Sparky’s bed to make.. Ahhh siokness! We can also cook in the new house according to the landlady. She provides us with a stove =D

*jumps with glee.

Do I hear a house warming party?

hehehehe we’ll see.


feel free to drop house warming gifts wtf so ahead of myself


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