running. running. as fast as we can..?

Chuck says:

i need you to be determined enough to run 5 laps on this field outside without stopping this week.. walk for half round.. sprint your heart out for half round.. walk another half.. sprint another half

make a total of 8

then next week.. increase to 6 laps

and then 7 the following week

and then 8..

lets not talk long runs first this month and next month

end of next month.. we’ll start hill runs..


this, would be life for me for the coming 96 days. we’re serious, we’re determined, we’re sticking by a hard discipline to cross that finish line. wait. chuck is, I’m aiming to at least complete 10.5kms, which is half the length of the full marathon. can’t be counting on miracles to happen now can we?

vigorous training regime set by chucky needs a lot of commitment. I’m putting my heart into this one; i declined the singapore run with him last year, and the nike run. simply because i felt that i wasnt good enough. i still don’t think i have what it takes but this time around, I’m opting for the positive Glee-laden perspective.

Don’t . Stop. Believing.

I can’t eat like how i used to, simply because I want to become health conscious. It’s beneficial for the long run. I’d feel better, look better (lets all pray hurhurhurhur) and probably be able to kick serious ass!


insert lan si MSN emoticon here.


I’ve just nailed my Public Toilet International Law assignment. I finally know what Tamil Tigers are ( when i was little, stress: very little, way before the existence of Biskuat Tiger Susu), I actually thought they were crackers. Then I realized whenever the papers mentioned them, it was always in the “boring section” of The Star i.e the part only mummydaddy reads.

..needless to say i wasnt a very smart very little kid.

Now I can recite the wars of both countries like a CNN reporter. Oh how this statement makes me sound all the more bimbotic. And the crowd ooohs.


My sheetless bed is calling me. Not before highlighting answers to tomorrow’s tutorial. Dang, she is so going to target me =___________=” Aih. Salright. I think I’ve mastered the art of going “harhhhh…….?” pretty swell.


I’m such a grandmaster of wee-hour blogging. Nothing makes sense.

as it should be.


yes no pictures. because I’m boring like that. next update: I’m moving out, farthermarkers!


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