Author of this Blog

Oh Hello!

Yes this is a proper About Me page; the one that inhibited this section has officially been deleted into the bin as I must be drunk when it was penned and posted.

Let’s start over.

I’m Crystal, friends may call me Crys. Anything other than that is strictly prohibited who am i kidding which have explicit connotations to humor my lack of height, is acceptable. And no, I cannot walk on stilts.


I’m a Third Year Law student in Multimedia University ( yes, the irony is blatantly obvious) and I plan to graduate in 2011, chamber with a renowned firm and proceed to pluck grapes in New Zealand to earn a living. I have no desire to be a politician as many would assume with the course I have chosen to undertake.

I prefer reading and writing as a past time as opposed to shopping mall loitering and late nights in clubs. Movies are an indulgence which I will happily oblige to, regardless that I’ve seen everything that currently plays. I like reruns simply because I like knowing how things are going to turn out.

needless to say, I’m the girl who screams spoilers into your ears until they bleed.

I blog because I can never have enough space in my brain to contain all these random thoughts. I am no attention-whore, nor am I attempting to score mass followers to start my own country. The idea is delightful, though.

My first blog entry was in 2006 about my fallout with a dear friend. Fast forward to today, we have managed to set aside our differences and laugh over cake and coffee, so the transition from an angry little 18 year old to a seeking 21 year old has been nothing but a fun roller coaster ride.

The inspiration to blog however, is from family particularly my big brother who is the most profound person I know when it comes to witty one-liners. I aspire to be like him one day, catching readers with just a few lines illustrating his day.

As far as personality goes,

I am not the Betty who carries around latest in-trend accessories (albeit the fact that my handbag is very very pink lol), wear three layers of clothes under the scorching sun with 4 kilos of make up, sashay on gout-conducing heels, flash a cutesy fart face on 36 frames of snapshots taken in the same angle with little facial muscle movement to differ each photo and plaster it on Facebook..

that’s not me.

I am the girl you see walking alone with her iPod on, bounces around in her sneakers and worn out jeans with little fondness to strangers. I’m a partial gadget geek, with my wishlist filled with talks of wanting Blackberries i have a bold 9700 now weeee , Nanos and DSLR cameras.

One day, Crys.

My biggest passion of all time, would be music. I am not too proud to say I have a reasonably good taste in music; as far as I’m concerned anything that doesn’t revolve around the theme of sex, drugs, boobs and money, is potentially a good hear.

Thank you for spending time reading my profile page. Hopefully this gives you an insight of what the writer of really is; if you want to test the theories feel free to approach me in person.

A word of advice, as a precaution;

I’m tried and tested to be a threat to one’s sanity.

all bets are off.

Ready to take that chance? 🙂

jan 2010

my eyes are freakishly big here wtf




0 responses to “Author of this Blog

  1. you can add Nanos and DSLRs to my wishlist too!

    note: i would like to continue conducting my research on “The Theories of Crys” as stated above. please help. :mrgreen:

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