i took a shot at poverty

…and didn’t like it.


i want to be rich financially stable again! ROAR! i havent been in this deep of a ditch for a very long time ( all thanks to the brothers) so it’s pretty unnerving to be counting every ringgit i spend. okay that doesn’t justify my position at all; i just made it sound like I’m a lose-spending bimbo who knows not the value of moneh. i do. i just forgot lol. therefore i am counting every ringgit i own. yesterday was particularly funny.

i forgot my purse and went to DP for The Lovely Bones. Jasmine had a grand amount of RM40 with her. Collectively it became RM41.90 as I dug deep into my pockets and sling bag to find treasure worth RM1.90. All Coins. If someone pays by coins you KNOW they’re living on Maggi packets.


I have yet to reach that stage. It’ll come soon, I’m sure. Unless of course Daddy decides to look beyond his frown and send his beloved daughter some money. Oh, later on I found another RM0.10! Made i Rm43!

rm42! wah poor and unable to count.



After a long overnight stupid misunderstanding, it has finally blown over. And! it’s for certain that I will be having Sparky the Hensum Baby for April! The news broke out at such an awkward moment it made me cry; particularly because I love dogs so so much I’m so excited about it. The other part was because of the huge communication mishap that happened the night before.

I don’t know how long Sparky will be here, I sure hope I knew as I don’t want to get too attached to him. Maklumlah, people’s dog marh.

Still! A handsome Husky is still a handsome Husky!

oh which reminds me.


click for more info.


I’ve never ran a marathon before. and Before you Sial Unsupportive People shoot your eyebrows vertically and condemn me to hell, I KNOW 21KMs IS PRETTY IMPOSSIBLE FOR ME TO RUN AT THIS RATE! well Leon Adidas said Impossible is Nothing. Or was it Nike? Point is, I’m joining because it’s good motivation to run consistently. I havent been running since CNY, I think my waistline grew by 7 layers.


PO-HOINT IZ, it’s good for health. and lets not kid myself, it’s good for the waistline larh there happy?! >:/

21kms yo! With Stewie by my foot side, I’m pretty motivated as it is. So do I hear “I’m Interested!” or is it that condemning “WAHAHA SHE SURE FAINT BY THE FIRST 100m lor!!!!!!!”


for the latter, please proceed to walk into my fist.

eat finger first _|_

for the former, it’s ONLY RM50! Come Come! Leon basically threatened me into joining. And after kicking a lot of fuss he talked me into it. The man has a point. Joining this is not about winning. It’s about crossing the finish line. And YES, Run Fatboy Run shall be my inspiration. I’ll crawl to the finish line if I have to.

damn it I’m not even clinically certified as fat. i need to cross that line!

Getting a cert would be fun too!


Crystal now will be seen running around somewhere in Bukit Beruang. And if her Husky is a good sport, he can run with her. If not go sit at home grow fat as I plan to feeeeeed that Handsome Boyy with love and treats ( when he earns it lar, I’m rather sadistic with my training) (yes there will be training. Sparky shall know how to sit, stay at least by the time he leaves Celaka… if he doesn’t already =D)


okay for effects purposes.





just curious. no I’m kidding. i wanna know.

back then it was the device.

and the dog.


took her back, sync-ed it to mine. so now, either you lied to me regarding what bothers you most, or… i don’t know. you tell me. you do have things to say. so say it. don’t go pulling disappearing acts and sleep things off when i clearly remember you saying we shouldn’t go to bed angry with each other. what happened to that guy? did he fall off the face of the earth? swapped sides and swing red light sabers now? you mock me. the issue now is plain and simple. i can’t breathe. do you read me loud and clearly. you are suffocating me.

to death.

are you happy now?

birds, bees and Boo!

hello hello.

i encountered the most peculiar flavor of candy today. lemon grass mints. SiewMee the Adventurer decided that it was a fantastic idea to nom lemon grass mints during TayTay’s boring mind-numbing oh it’s just me lecture. i asked her twice before she ate it, “you sure ar woman?” with my eyes round and focused.

she was sure. so off she went.

now, one would think she’s the type who’d suck it in even if the candy later on tasted like the innards of a fish based on her willingness to overlook the obvious fact that, it’s bloody serai flavored. approximately three minutes later, while i was busy tweeting to the world on her brave feat,

“okay, tastes weird.”  and out it went into a piece of tissue paper.


and the supplier of the godforsaken serai candy was non other than Azi who knew it tasted like feet. Yeah seronok kau gelak eh? lol. But SiewMee was a good sport. She could actually gracefully ( if i just had gula-gula serai taint my taste buds i would have gone mcbknndnswtfmch, but that’s just me) say,

“wah taste like Tom Yum wor”.

*salutes Smeech the Brave.


Big Announcement!

Remember her?

Panic “Nikkiboo” Nilsson

She’s a lady now!

Yes my baby terrorist had gotten her first period, taking a step into adulthood and possibly motherhood! That is of course, with the blessing of Daddy and Boy, that Reyno is permitted to spread his love towards her.


I am so excited my baby has reached this stage of her life!


I feel so old. Is this how our mothers felt when we first went up to them saying “Mummy ar why got blood one?” pointing at our panties. Wahhhhh so touching geh!

( no not the blood per se, you morons)

Boys.. too bad for you. I bet nobody cared much when you actually started throwing aeroplanes or sprout hair under your pits. Muahahahahahaplease don’t hate me.


Hence, I feel it’s only right for me as her Mummy (again, at twentyone i feel frigging ancient) to come back for this weekend to see her. hug her. hold her.

and wash her mess wtf. the sigh of blood in masses doesn’t freak me out seriously but the stench on the concrete floor.. whohohoho that’s a whole different thing.

aaahh faux tears are swelling my eyes now. It’s been a good few days. Really great news. I can’t keep my thoughts away from Sparky’s arrival and now Nikki’s a big girl!

Dang. I’m such a dog person.


i just realized, i sign off with boo! for each post and i also call nikki “boo”. coincidence damn kao one. phwoaarrgghh!

this is me at 238am

my housemate is wailing.

i think she was trying to sing. it sounded like a crossbreed of a howl and that avatar trance chant, you know when they tried to heal the Aliens lady?

but she’s pretty. so we all automatically forgive her.


so this is another boring rant.

i have this bitch of a tutorial question due tomorrow and I’m in badak terdampar mode. this is a severe case of having a late tapao dinner on the bed while webcamming, and proceeding to lay on that same bed right after inhaling that tapaoed dinner.


and i woke up minutes ago to a howling pretty housemate.

true story.


not that anything else here is false. it doesn’t pay to be boring and unattractive with bad eating habits. to add up to the flaws, i have no idea what to write for this submission due in a few hours. i do pay attention in class. just not enough. i assimilate with my surroundings; i tend to bring out my inner most sacred super powers during boring lectures, which is the ability to freeze time and focus on insignificant and redundant details.

this is also known as developing the skill of day dreaming.

hard evidence below.

this is Yoki.

yeah i decided to name the gorgeous door stopper mutant penguin thing. he’s our room mascott. our, would refer to Jasmine and I. See she hates the sight of Yoki. Never fails to press down a scream of ‘what the hell is that?!’ Her refusal to accept Yoki is painful, for I created him just for her.

ungrateful room mate. hmmftt!

I’m unabashed to say I like Yoki. He brings out the LOLs. and he’s currently plastered on my cupboard wall, next to our midterm schedule. But that Yoki is half blue thanks to Jasmine’s itchy fingers hahaha.

so yeah.

Yoki’s prime time would be during lectures. He’s probably a good reason (there is no good reason *laughs at myself again) ( i think I’m very funny today) why I’m stuck stupid on Jeong’s written submission.

and a lot of other academic related matters.

sayyyy that’s no good. right?

le sigh.

I shan’t waste more time then. Sadly my tummy is upset. I think it wants to break up with me. I hope Round Two of the singing does not coincide with my next visit to the loo. Then I’ll really suspect pretty housemate is just creeping me out on purpose!



blue eyes; what’s the matter?

i’ve morphed into a boring blogger who posts nothing else but the chronicles of her mundane life.

even that sentence could send you snoring.


ive been surfing on husky-care websites in preparation for sparky. i dare not convince myself he is coming for sure, though its a 90% chance imma be a proud nanny of a 5 month old handsome blue eyed baby. its a handsome breed, no doubt. hands would be all over him for sure.

I want to give him the best upbringing i can.

raising a husky… is new to me. hence I’m preparing myself from now on. i saw a few photos over at a forum for local husky owners; there are a few from melaka. perhaps i can get in touch with them when the need arises. their dogs are so amazing-looking. fluffy, big boned and obedient.

i don’t mind the disobedience ( remember that devil dog Nikki? she reigns supreme) but i really am afraid if sparky doesn’t like me.

that, would suck. if that’s the case, please like leon LOL.

i wish i had a picture of him to share with the few of you reading (lol readership mcm sial je but thats better than being stalked by family members) but i have none.

even clement hasn’t seen sparky in ages.




26th March come quick! (:


look hard; it sure pays

whats the difference between all these shots?.














HEHE! I finally found my butterscotch bread. Celaka juga baik; more precisely Petronas Mesra juga baik! I think know I creeped Smeech out with my huge grin. After one week of searching hi and lo for this… the search was worth while.

I can has love bread!

nomnomnomnom ♥



we keep fighting these days.

over the span of one week i remember being upset with him for most of the days. he says “i don’t consider any of those fighting, because i simply don’t fight back”. i miss the times where things were simpler. back in september 23, 2009 where he’d extend a virtual arm and id take it, no hesitation and no expectations.

we were just two easy people having a go at friendship.

surely things got better, way better ever since. but today, its hard. it isn’t impossibly hard, its just hard to say a word without it being spun around with different meanings layering it like a cocoon. there is just always, a double meaning to a word. nothing is ever simple and direct anymore. and i can’t always know what to say at a specific time, and know its the right word you’ve been waiting for me to utter.

its not that simple anymore.

one would think, with the amount of assurance i get on a daily hourly basis all the time i shouldn’t act like a total nark and just be thankful.

somehow i think that’s the problem.

when inconsistency befalls us, i react so begrudgingly. this is what being spoiled is about; not knowing reason or tolerance. do i want that? i don’t. and most importantly i appreciate the space between two people as i am private in many ways. hence intruders get warning shots and in extreme cases get the bullet in the head.

i don’t want to gun you down.

i need space sometimes. you need to stop speculating.

it has been so hard.